Legal Marketing Hoo-Ha

Legal Marketing Is Awesome

I love the legal marketing business.  The folks over at the 3 Geeks Law Blog nailed it with this analogy:

legal marketing growth and diversity– think of legal marketers as you would your gardener. You want them to show up consistently, do a good job, cut the lawn, trim the hedges, maybe plant a new flower or two and when the summer rolls around, help you with a vegetable garden. Their job is to alleviate your burden of work, particularly if you know nothing about gardening and you entrust to them the curb appeal of your house and entrance way or the calm composure of your backyard. You are happy to pay them a nice wage, market value or above for the work they do. You want your gardener to be happy so he or she keeps coming back consistently and you don’t have to retrain a new gardener on what color mulch you prefer or which flowers make you sneeze. But you also don’t want them to complain to you about their career satisfaction or growth in the industry. Those topics make you tune out mostly because if you wanted to talk about the trials and tribulations of gardening you likely would have been a gardener.


Although that piece is written more from the large law firm with its own marketing department point of view, it is still very relevant in the freelance market as well.  The law firm doesn’t care what changes Google made or what hoops you had to jump through to get a particular marketing piece in place.  Just make the phones ring.  Keep a low profile, make the phones ring with qualified clients, and send me the bill.  That works for me.  I love making things happen away from the spotlight.

One of the first key improvements a firm can make to get the best “bang for the buck” in their marketing efforts  is to make certain the user experience on the firm’s web site is a positive experience.

When asked about what he considered to be among the most important factors of online legal marketing, Chris Dreyer, the founder and president of Attorney Rankings, a very successful law firm marketing agency said;

If I had to choose one area that lawyers should focus on to elevate their overall marketing efforts it would be to focus heavily on the user experience.  UX has an impact on so many levels from SEO to how attorneys are perceived in the online and offline space.

He elaborated further by saying,

UX is more than just having a website that is well organized.  It means creating an experience for visitors that leaves no doubt in their mind that the lawyer’s site they’ve come to is a leading source of information on the particular practice area they are interested in.  It’s about having resources, tools,  content, and useful information that is easy to find and that is practical, applicable and relevant to the pain a visitor may be feeling.


As with any business these days just having a generic web site is not enough to keep an internet shopper’s interest.  If you want to get the call from that potential client browsing your site, you need all of the things Chris mentioned, presented in a smooth pleasing format.  Competition is fierce!  Law firms of all sizes need to take advantage of any competitive edge that they can leverage and work toward a well rounded web presence not just a web site.