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Marketing Lawyers Update:

Who says marketing lawyers has to be boring?

OK, there are a LOT of constraints put on the marketing lawyers can do, levied by the various bar associations.  Some states are more restrictive than others.  There are however many ways to break the mold and stand out even in the high traffic market of legal services.  Take for instance the case of Austin, Texas attorney David Komie;

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Austin attorney David Komie is using his head to help preserve Austin’s eccentric and colorful image.
When I say using his head, I mean that literally. Komie is the only attorney I’ve ever heard of who wears dreadlocks. In fact, he’s the only attorney he knows who wears dreadlocks.

He has a band called the Dharma Kings. He’s the singer.

“I’m David Komie,” Komie tells the crowd in his video. “If you want an attorney that rocks, call me.”

Komie, who is in his 50s, says he’s been wearing dreads about half of his adult life. There have been times when he’s had to ditch the look, like when he was working in Atlanta representing insurance companies, or what he refers to now as “the dark side.” Insurance companies won’t hire an attorney in dreads, he says. But he’s got them now, and he’s keeping them.


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Marketing Lawyers Creatively

Ann Handley from MarketingProfs recommended at the Avvo Lawyernomics conference, that attorneys step out of the shadows by getting more creative with their marketing content;

… she encouraged lawyers to be “bigger, braver and bolder” when creating content for marketing purposes.

“The biggest missed opportunity in marketing is playing it too safe,” Handley said. “That’s true even if you’re a lawyer.”

In fact, as Handley noted in a follow-up interview, lawyers can still be big, brave and bold in spite of restrictive ethical rules regarding attorney marketing. “Bolder doesn’t mean edgy or being way at the edge of risk,” Handley said. “Bolder means differentiating yourself through your marketing and how you sound to the folks you’re trying to attract.”


Silence Is Golden

The whole “bigger, braver and bolder” theme does not necessarily mean louder and more obnoxious as some legal marketers seem to think. Some ads are appearing that seem like political attack ads attempting to smear the competition’s reputation in the local marketplace.  I’m not a fan of attack campaigns anyway but I would be especially wary of an attack campaign now with this being an election year.  People get real fed up with attack ads in general and there could be some serious backlash from running any negative ads now.

Sometimes the way to stand out is to just be different.  Instead of trying to out shout the competition, you need that golden pattern interrupt that gets people’s attention and generates word of mouth advertising in the community.  I think my favorite from the recent crop of ads I have seen marketing lawyers, is from  the personal injury firm Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Donna Lane who has been involved in legal marketing for the firm since 2007 shares;

“The law-firm category here is just so cluttered,” she says. “They’re all saying the same thing.” Lane, trying to stand out, recently helped produce an ad that takes a different tack. No voices, just words flashing across the screen: “We get it. There are a lot of lawyer ads on TV. Seems all you hear are lawyers talking. So this 30 seconds of silence is brought to you by Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley.”


Lawyers being quiet on TV.  That’s different enough to get talked about positively in the community and, after all, isn’t that what marketing lawyers is all about?