Thanking Customers – Is It Noticed?

Thanking Customers Will Help Grow Your Business

As your business grows, be diligent about thanking customers.  Often owners have the tendency to forget the most fundamental part of their company — the customers. The risk with this is that the business can become just another faceless unit that the customer deals with. Bear in mind that obtaining new clients is tough now. It’s even tougher if people just buy from you when they just happen to be in the neighborhood. This is why people who have been around a while in the business industry will tell you that it is better to invest resources toward developing loyal, regular, repeat consumers, than to spend large amounts of revenue trying to attract new consumers.

thanking customers by phoneTo really hang on to your consumers, you need to invest a day or two monthly making courtesy calls and thanking your existing customers. If you actually don’t have any genuine business to do on the phone with your clients just a friendly hi how are you, how was your last experience in the store will suffice. Your customers will be pleased that you took the time to acknowledge them while they were outside of your business environment.

Thanking your clients is often a disregarded gesture yet a very effective sales tool. There are a number of instances wherein a basic thank you to your customers will be quite valued.


The How and When of Thanking Customers


Initially, when they purchase, thanking customers right at the point of sale is very well received.  When was the last time a shop clerk actually thanked you for purchasing from their store? Do you keep in mind the last time a seller thanked you for shopping at their shop? This easy thank you could mean a great deal to the clients.

Second, when they call you relating to an issue or a service concern, some business don’t respond very well. They think, “Why should we thank a customer for grumbling?”  What they do not recognize is that when people reveal the issue they had dealing with your business, they are providing you a chance to redeem and enhance your company or brand.

thanking customers by mailThird, acknowledge them when they refer other potential customers to your business. Some companies generate the majority of their consumers through recommendations. If you constantly overlook thanking the individual who has been referring you to others, eventually they may very well stop sending prospective clients to you. This could potentially be a big loss for your business.

Fourth, devoted, regular clients also should have a thank you. Sending a routine thank you card or note will be enough for most folks.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to occasionally include a percentage off or a small free item as well.

Options Abound – Stand Out

There are numerous ways to say thank you. You can send out an email, write a note or card or perhaps thank them personally. An inexpensive card with handwritten comments can assist you in standing apart from your competition. You might even sponsor an event as a way of thanking customers.  Keep in mind that globalization and the web means your customers can pick from thousands of shops at the touch of a button. Thus, remaining ahead of all possible competitors in the customer’s mind is very important. Yes, developing a thank you card program can take some time. However, the benefits of doing so are definitely worth it.