Why Would You Use a Call Tracking Service?

Curious About Call Tracking Services?

Using a call tracking service can do many things for your business. Have you ever wondered how your employees treat your phone customers when you are not there? Perhaps you have wanted to track your advertising campaigns to see where you are getting the most bang for the buck. How about having the ability to send a text message to the phones of existing customers with a “right now” or “for the next 2 hours” special to pick up a slow day?


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Settle Disputes

Most call tracking services record all calls and can be invaluable in settling disputes about what took place during a phone call. They generally also record all the call data so if you need to reconnect with a customer their caller ID info is there with the recorded call. No more finger pointing by your employees. You will know exactly what was said. This feature is great for training purposes as well as for monitoring new employees.

SMS Broadcasts

A full featured call tracking service also provides the ability to broadcast SMS text messages to your customer’s cell phones. Customers can opt in to the inner circle specials by texting a code word to a designated number. This gives you the ability to send unadvertised specials instantly to your inner circle of loyal customers. Sending text allows you to re-target customers that already know & like you with loyalty building deals. This tactic improves your bottom line because it is far easier to get a satisfied customer to return than it is to get a brand new one in the door.

Optimize Your Ad Spending

Do you want to see which advertising campaign is producing the best results? Assign a different phone number to each campaign. (One for newspaper, another for radio, and a third for direct mail for instance). Have respondents call in to receive whatever special you have set up. All the calls can be routed to one number for redemption of the special but each will be silently tracked and counted separately in the tracking service’s system.

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